Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Jack Is Back

Jack, the Border Collie, is back and better than ever. Stephanie has worked hard to get those excellent obedience skills nailed back down! What does it take to convince a two-year-old herding dog it's time to listen? Remember, Jack started training as a young pup, graduated from advanced class at a year, and spent the next year learning agility. So even when his obedience skills started to slip, they weren't gone (Dog speak: my mom obviously loves this agility stuff. I wonder if she'll notice if I don't stay or come every single time ...). Some skills were dorment, yes. Gone, no. Stephanie identified the areas that needed work and focused on those. She incorporated the elements required for successful dog training: patience, consistency, and redundance. It worked with Jack. It will work with your dog. Congratulations, Stephanie!

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