Thursday, February 14, 2008

Nike and the Rock Band

Note from Dee: Nike's mom will be a continuing presence on the blog. She is enthusiastic about training, crazy about her puppy, and wants to share her experiences. Here's what she has to say after the third week of training.

After training session #3, Nike was really on the ball. She kept that great eye contact, even during playtime. When it was play time, I could stop the puppy craziness by just working with her: focusing her and calming her down. The biggest breakthrough was when Ryan's rock band was playing in the garage with the garage doors open. I took Nike outside and worked with her for 10-15 minutes and even with the band as a distraction, she performed beautifully. I can't believe I had her attention despite all the kids and the loud music! Away from home, Nike met Goldie, a female beagle mix and Tobi, a male Yorkie. She had a blast running around and playing with them.

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