Saturday, February 16, 2008

Nike and the Soldiers

Note from Dee: Elena is an officer in the National Guard. It was her weekend to train with her soldiers, an hour from home, but she didn't want to miss a puppy training session. So, I went to Charlottesville and we worked with Nike. It was a great experience!

Week 4
Dee, this was such an awesome opportunity to work with Nike away from home in a different environment. It was wonderful of you to come up to the armory in Charlottesville to make this happen. Nike definitely has the "sit" and "down" very good now. We played hide and go seek so Nike could find me. We also practiced "leave it" with a treat and since I brought her home, she's been doing that very well. She is doing it for Donnie, too. Nike had a blast with all the soldiers and made many new friends. One soldier had his kids there. They couldn't get enough of the pup, so when our training session was done, I turned her lose with them! She had so much fun running and playing with them. She is so confident. It was literally like, I took her leash off her and told her to go play with the boys, and she just did. During the weekend, if I had a meeting or had to teach a class, Nike stayed with someone else or by herself in my office and did just great. We are very excited for Week 5 when Nike get's to train around other puppies. Oh yeah, she is so unbelievebly cute!

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