Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Nike's Mom - Week 2

Below, Nike's Mom talks about training and her amazing bond with her puppy. Nike was 9 weeks old when we had our second training session. Dee

Our second training session was wonderful. Nike was attentive the entire time and, Dee, you are doing an exceptional job with us! I learned so much from you on the second session. I am so much more aware of my behaviors, posture, voice tone, and my hands. You are teaching me how to teach and work with my dog and to really be aware of myself when I'm with her. Even for instance, the no-slip mat at the vet office. She did terrific there because she could "sit" as you know she loves to do and wasn't sliding all over the place. She is doing great everywhere I take her and I think all those new experiences are making her so confident in herself. I really felt our bond growing stronger throughout the week. Your training style actually facilitates that strong committment and loving relationship between me and Nike. We enjoy each other more and more everyday. We do everything together! During the week before our third session, I noticed Nike paying attention to my face and eyes almost all the time. That's what I mean by bond and commitment. She makes great eye contact with me when we are playing or working. Her eyes are on mine - not on my feet or legs. I appreciate your commitment to us and we look so forward to our next session! Gosh, I love Nike so much!

Dee again: Visit Brown Dog Tales often to check on Nike's progress and to meet other fabulous dogs.

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