Sunday, April 27, 2008

Nike, March 1-15

From Nike's Mom, Elena:

Well Nike and I have had a hectic couple of weeks. We just moved into our new loft in Church Hill. What a great neighborhood. Very pet friendly and lots of parks. We walk everywhere and go exploring together. Because we live in the city, I’ve been working with Nike to “Halt” at every crosswalk. She learned it in a day. We get to a crosswalk, I say “Halt” and she stops and sits until I say “Lets Go.” She loves the new place and its funny how she follows me everywhere in the house. I have a spiral staircase in the house and on the first day there I was upstairs putting stuff away, and she snuck up behind me. She’s so brave and confident that she negotiated a spiral staircase just to be with her Mommy. She also started opening doors. I was in the shower one morning and she came into the bathroom. I thought I closed the door, so I put her outside the door and called her and low and behold, I watched the lever handle turn and in walks Nike! We continue to do our one-on-one with Dee and Nike also goes to Dee’s group class. She is doing extremely well there and is able to stay focused on me for the entire hour and a half. There’s a doggy day care right around the corner from me and Dee convinced me to take Nike…

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