Sunday, July 6, 2008

Sunday in Sherman

The last several days have been chocked full of dogs with their kids, bonding like crazy. Puppies are alerting on diabetic lows and highs. Puppies are learning to lay quietly at their people's feet. Puppies are mastering obedience skills. Kids are becoming dog handlers.

Public access was the focus yesterday. The group was led through all aspects of the Americans With Disabilities Act, a federal law that allows a service dog access with his handler to public buildings and events. It is clear that people will challenge this right, so families were presented with scenarios and given clear and concise responses to use when that challenge happens.

Mid-afternoon everyone loaded up and car caravanned to a park where the dogs and their people got to ride on a train with a very loud whistle and enjoy the coolest playground ever. Then it was off to Chili's for dinner with 16 people and eight service dogs. It was quite an adventure, with a pitcher of cold drinks hitting the floor (now there's a distraction), one of the puppies developing diarrhea, and young kids being young kids. Problems were addressed as they happened and everyone left the restaurant feeling good about the experience. 

Today, the dogs will get religion at the Cowboy Church. 

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