Thursday, January 28, 2010

Virginia Dog Lovers: Take a Stand!

House Bill 429, if passed, will clarify that under Virginia law dog pounds and shelters cannot set policies to routinely take the life of every member of any certain breed of dog. It would also prohibit policies that prevent dogs of a specific breed from being made available for adoption.

What does this mean in plain English? It means that if this law passes, dogs might not die because they are or look like one of the bully breeds. Can you imagine not even being put up for adoption because of the way you look? Think about that. Breed specific legislation (BSL) legalizes the murder of an entire group of dogs because of how they LOOK. Virginia needs to stand up and defend the rights of dogs to find their forever homes. Pit Bulls and all their bully relatives need our support.

How can you help?
House Bill 429 is presently before the House Agriculture, Chesapeake and Natural Resources Committee. It is essential that the bill move out of that committee in order for it to be voted upon by the House. Write or call members of that Committee to encourage their support.

Why is passage of House Bill 429 so important?
The primary focus here is the Pit Bull, a breed that has suffered terribly at the hands of very bad people who have forced them into dog fighting. Because of bad press, the general public has an underlying belief that Pit Bulls are bad, evil animals. There are jurisdictions out there banning all Pit Bulls. Others won't allow them to be adopted out of their shelters, which means - unless a rescue group saves them - they are murdered (euthanized is just too soft a word here). Instead of punishing innocent dogs, big fat tough laws need to be enacted nationwide to ensure that any human being involved in dog fighting goes to jail for a very long time, that their property be seized and the proceeds given over to the rehabilitation of the very dogs forced to fight.

Within all breeds of dogs there are the good and the bad. Generalizations of any kind about a group of animals are as inappropriate as those about groups of people

Contact your Delegate and Senator TODAY. Tell him or her that you support House Bill 429. And then go hug your dogs! They'll be proud of you for taking a stand.

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