Wednesday, April 28, 2010


A client has a 7-month-old bully breed dog named Brewster. Her inexperience with pushy pups has allowed him to be way too mouthy with her. I was working with him to show her how to deal with him when he gets too excited. His mouth landed on my arm and scraped the skin. There was a bit of blood and doggy mom was about to get upset. I got her to step back and just observe. Within a minute or two, Sweet Boy was laying on his side getting a full body rub from me, eyes starting to close he was so relaxed. We were then able to continue training without incident. As I prepared to leave he headed toward my pant leg. A mild verbal response from me and he thought better of it. He made the conscious decision to sit. I rewarded Brewster handsomely for thinking his actions through - in a split second. Dogs just rock!

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