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Alert from Virginians for Animal Welfare

I will occasionally post dog-related cases to illustrate existing laws in the state of Virginia. DB

Washington County Trial

From VAW: Please be at the Washington County General District Court on Monday, 8/2/10, and bring a friend. If you cannot attend, please let the Commonwealth's Attorney, Dennis Godfrey, know you support enforcement of the law. Below is information about the case. 
Monday, 10:30 am
Defendant:  Paul B. Harold
Washington County General District Court
191 E. Main Street; Abingdon, VA  24210
Clerk:  Edna S. Griffin
fax:  276-676-3136
Prosecutor:  Dennis Godfrey (Commonwealth's Attorney) or
Marianne  L.Woolf (Deputy Commonwealth Attorney)
fax:  276-676-6293

One Class 1 misdemeanor - animal maim/kill fowl, etc. - under 18.2-144

A call to the Washington County sheriff's office reported that a neighbor's dog had come onto their property, that the dog had attacked her, and that her husband, Paul Harold, shot the dog in their driveway.  However, (Ms) Tracy Swann, the owner of the dog, found flesh, blood and a used shell in her fenced barn yard, but the dog's body, with three bullet holes in her head, was 250 yards away.

After approximately a month of investigation, ACO Jason Alexander reported finding evidence that the Swann's dog was actually shot in fenced in area on its own property, and the shot dog was moved to the driveway to make it look as though the shooting had taken place outside the fenced area and on the driveway.

Ms. Swann breeds and shows Akitas, and said the dead dog, reported to be a top Akita, was to be bred with a top male Akita, and the puppies were to be sold for $2500.

The Swanns and the Harolds have a history of trouble in getting along for years.  Ms. Swann said over the years many of her animals have disappeared including 14 dogs, though she has no proof of what might have happened to them.  However, in 2009, the Washington County General District Court dismissed a charge brought by Ms. Swann against Mr. Harold for shooting a four-month old puppy of the Swanns, the judge dismissing the case for lack of evidence.

This case was continued from 6/7/2010 to 8/2/2010.
action anticipated:  trial 

Virginians for Animal Welfare

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