Friday, August 9, 2013

Do you want to train your own service dog?

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A guide to choosing and training your own service dog.

The second in my service dog series, this book will help those who want to train their own service dog understand the process. 
  • Where should you get your future service dog? Can your family dog do the job? Should you take a donated dog? How about a rescue dog? And what about starting with a puppy?
  • How much does it cost to train a service dog? 
  • How much time does it take to train a service dog? 
  • Can you have a part-time service dog or one who works only in your home?
  • Can your child take a service dog to school?
  • If you train your own service dog, do you have to register him somewhere?
Loaded with stories about people who have or are training their own service dogs, this book will help you understand the challenges and rewards of training your own service dog. 

# # #

Chapter 5 starts with the story of Winston, a homeless dog looking for a forever home.
A college student wanted a dog. Not just any dog. She wanted one she could train to become her service dog. She went to a local rescue and an 11-month-old mix breed was identified as a potential candidate.   
Here's how a rescue named Wonton became Winston, the hearing dog.
One of the amazing people who works at the rescue where Wonton was housed identified him as having the potential to become a working dog. She contacted Sue at Service Dog 411, who connected the rescue with me to evaluate Wonton. That same day, Sue and I picked Wonton up from the rescue, put him in my car and off to the pet store we went. 
I watched his response to everything: getting in, out and riding in the car; going through automatic doors. How did he react to the dogs and cats, gerbils, fish and all the other species at the pet store? And how did he respond to people? Did loud noises scare him? Was he over-the-top crazy on leash? Was he a barker or a jumper? 
To my delight, Wonton exhibited all the traits of a great dog. He was sweet, calm, curious, and that day - happy to be going on an adventure.
Read more of Winston's story in the next excerpt from A guide to choosing and training your own service dog. Sign up here to be notified when it is available for sale.


That's them, above, at a favorite dog training venue, our local BassPro. Thanks to Debbie for the great photo!

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