Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Cody's Homemade Dog Cookies

Making homemade dog cookies started with a lady named Ruthie in Dallas. She's a friend of a friend. I've never met Ruthie but I've heard much about her, including that she cooks for her dogs. She mailed a variety of dog cookie recipes to my friend, Sue, who passed them along to me. Many of the recipes were for Ruthie's brand new treat-making machine, so I tweaked them to get the dough right for using cookie cutters. Thanks for getting me started, Ruthie!

This recipe can be changed by using a variety of healthy liquids, veggies and fruits. One favorite replaces the apple juice with broth from the turkey carcass I cooked down after Thanksgiving. Instead of carrots I use cooked greens like kale. Be creative. Your dogs will love you for it! If you would like aPDF of the recipe, email me at deethedogtrainer@gmail.com


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