Saturday, February 28, 2009

Dog Day at Stranges Greenhouse

They cleared out the plants and made room for the dogs. This second annual event turned out to be nicely attended and great fun for all. We had our turn in the center ring to talk about basic obedience and demonstrate same. Murphy was joined by Nana the Newf, Duke the Lab, and CCI pups Mardene and Innis for the demo. What great dogs!

Next there was a sit/stay and walk-at-heel contest. I was asked to MC and judge the contest. The hardest thing I had to do all day was pick the winners.

Murph votes yes on participating in this one again next year!

Woofs & wags.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

SPCA's Dog Jog

Come on everyone, join me and Murphy at the SPCA's Dog Jog fundraiser in March.

It is estimated that over a million house pets will lose their homes during this economic downturn. Rescue groups and shelters are bursting at the seams. Remember that our Richmond SPCA is a no-kill facility. To keep up their great work they need our financial support. Go to and click on the Dog Jog image. Join my team, Many Paths. If you can't walk with us, then support me and Murphy at we try to reach our goal of $500 in donations. Woofs and wags!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Dog Days in the Garden

Stop by Stranges on West Broad next Saturday, February 28, 10-4, for Dog Days in the Garden. Murphy and I will be there with an abbreviated Dogs Behaving Badly program for the public. We will be on around 10:30. We will share tips about dogs who pull on the leash, bark accessively, and jump on people. There will be an obedience demo and hopefully some of the Canine Companions for Independence folks will be there with their service dogs.

While you're there stop by and talk to Terry Griffith about a great project for providing cooling vests to military dogs overseas.

Military Therapy Dogs

Last week Murphy and I paid a therapy dog visit to McGuire Veterans Hospital. Waiting in the lobby for our escort, we were approached by a gentleman in civilian clothes. He asked if we were a therapy dog team (Murphy wasn't wearing a vest to identify him as a therapy dog). When I said yes, he thanked us for what we do. Then he told me he had just returned from Iraq. While there he met one of the military's first combat therapy dogs, a black Lab. I asked how the dog was received and, of course, the answer was with open arms.

Kudos to our military for realizing the benefit of therapy dogs in combat!