Friday, July 3, 2015

Dogs & Fireworks

Will your 4th of July celebration include fireworks? You'll likely love the experience ... but what about your dog?

Fireworks displays can be absolutely gorgeous. But it is the noise they generate that may be a problem for your dog. Make certain this 4th of July is a safe and happy experience for him. First, if you're going to a fireworks display and don't know how your dog will respond, leave him at home.

If you think your dog will be frightened by fireworks that happen near your home, here are some ways to help him:
  • Close all your windows, blinds, and curtains. This will lesson the effect of the noise and bright flashes of nearby fireworks.
  • Leave the TV or radio on to help distract your dog from the noises outside. 
  • Play music specifically created to calm dogs. Through a Dog's Ear offers a free download for you to try.
  • Put a Thundershirt on him the morning of the 4th. Leave it on until the morning of the 5th. 
  • If your dog has a place in your home that he runs to - say during a thunderstorm - make sure that safe place is accessible to him. Dogs can be drawn to the basement, under a bed, even a closet or a laundry room. Dogs are wise - they know where they can go to feel safest. We shouldn't try to prevent that.
Have a happy and safe holiday!

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