Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Nike 1/19/08

I met Nike and her family when she was one day shy of eight weeks old. She is a black and tan German Shepherd. I knocked at the door of her new home (she had been there a week). Elena opened the door and there, sitting a bit behind her like a perfect lady, was Nike. The pup watched me enter, then trotted along with us into the dining room. If you want to know what good dog breeding looks like - I just described it. This puppy is just a baby, but she has the manners of an extremely well trained adult dog. Add to that the fact that the breeder, Michelle, carefully screened potential owners of her pups and you have the magic combination: the right owner/handler/trainer with the right dog. And owner Elena is a natural. She has Nike sitting on cue, coming when called and close to being potty trained.

So where do we go from here with Nike's training? Check my next post for details of that first training session. Then visit often. I plan to share Nike's training experiences through adulthood. Learn more about Nike's breeder at www.vompeace.com/.

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