Friday, March 6, 2009

Murphy & the Muffin Pan

All it takes is a muffin pan, tennis balls, and treats. Your dog will have fun while learning to problem-solve. In this version of the game, there is a treat under each ball. Put a treat under only one tennis ball and it becomes a real scent game. For small breed dogs, a mini-muffin pan and small tennis balls will do the trick.

Did you see Murphy nose some of the balls, then go back for the treat? Why did he do that? Because his sister Cody tried the game first and the balls were wet from her saliva. The tennis balls sat on top of the treats just long enough for the scent of the liver treats to be on the ball. He was being thorough, smart lad that he is. He assured himself there was no food stuck to the ball, then went back to the muffin pan to get his treat.


Effie Reader said...

You're right he is a smart boy! I like this game and will try it at home with one dog at a time.

Barrett's mom said...

That is a great idea to keep them occupied! I wonder what Barrett would do?