Saturday, May 2, 2009

Meet Billy

Look at this handsome fellow. His name is Billy and not long ago he was homeless. He was filthy dirty with matted hair. His tail is broken and he is blind in one eye, probably from lyme disease (fair warning, folks!). He is a mix breed but he looks mostly like a white and black Newfoundland, one of four Newf colors recognized by the AKC.

The great news? He has been rescued by Newf lovers Paul and Andrea. Billy is now part of a five-Newf household. This sweet 14-month-old (his age is a best-guess) now gets to romp and play on 13 country acres with a river running through the property!

Here are pictures of Billy and his new siblings. Those other three Newfoundland colors are brown (Denali), black (Nana & India), and gray (Argente aka Gina). What gorgeous dogs. And they're all smiling!

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