Monday, December 21, 2009

Buckle up, Fido!

I regularly remind clients that keeping their dogs safe when driving is a big part of being a responsible pet parent. Many get that "deer in the headlights" look on their faces when I strongly suggest that the don't let their dogs ride on laps or in the front seat of their vehicle. Why this advice? Air bags can injure or kill a dog riding in the front seat. Safe alternatives: a harness on your dog in the back seat attached to the vehicle's existing seat belt system or a crate secured in the back of an SUV or van. One very big reason for all this caution is that if you are in an accident, your dog can escape from your vehicle. If that happens s/he will be frightened and may run off - possibly into traffic - and be seriously injured or killed. For nonbelievers, read on:

Family seeks help finding dog ejected from overturned vehicle

Published 12/19/09 in the Richmond Times Dispatch

Family members are asking for help in finding a dog that went missing after it was ejected from an overturned vehicle on Interstate 295. Allison Labar of Florida suffered a broken clavicle and a dislocated shoulder when her car overturned yesterday morning in eastern Henrico County, said the woman’s sister, Michelle Felmly. Felmly, who lives in Pennsylvania, was seeking help locating her sister’s dog, a 6-year-old golden retriever mix named Chloe. “The dog is absolutely everything to her,” Felmly said of her sister. “The whole family is just devastated.”

Be a responsible pet parent. Buckle up, Fido!

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