Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Bufo toads toxic to pets

I first heard about these toads from a client in south Florida whose service dog tangled with one of them. Very, very scary - so beware. Here is a picture and a link for more information. Note this from the AAHA accredited vet at Fondren Pet Care Center in Florida:
To avoid attracting toads to areas where pets are, do not leave pet food in open dishes in the yard. Bufo's are attracted to dogs' watering dishes, and may sit in the rim long enough to leave enough toxin to make a dog ill. Dogs may mouth bufo toads, thus getting a large dose of the bufo's toxins, secreted from the skin and parotoid glands. Symptoms generally include profuse foamy salivation that looks like shaving cream, difficulty breathing, brick red gums, convulsions, paralysis, ventricular fibrillation, vomiting, and uncoordinated staggering. Untreated, the death rate for Bufo marinus may approach 100%.

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