Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Hand feeding your puppy

Hand feeding your puppy accomplishes a multitude of things simultaneously:
  • Builds the bond between you and your puppy
  • Teaches your puppy self-control
  • Encourages your puppy to sit or down or both - something far better than him jumping up on you
  • Provides a great opportunity to work on eye contact (say your puppy's name and he'll likely look right at you)

Puppy Koda illustrates how a very young puppy quickly learns reward-based training ("you do something I like, little puppy, and I'll give you something you like"). And his mom learns she can predict her puppy's behavior by controlling her own. Dogs read our body language all the time, so what you are doing with yours when working with your puppy matters. What will help you succeed with your puppy? A calm, quiet and confident demeanor. 

Want to learn more about working with your puppy? 

Puppies chew shoes, don't they? (a user's manual for people with puppies) - with major revisions, a new chapter and an index - will be available in print for the holidays from Amazon. 

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