Monday, February 9, 2015

When a young dog is diagnosed with cancer

It was the summer of 2010 when Christian and his family took his puppy home. That's him, below, with 10-week-old LuLu. On this day began a journey of hard work, frustration, joy and celebration as this family took on the daunting task of training their own service dog. They succeeded and today Christian is in college, LuLu is 4-1/2 years old and is a fully trained and certified diabetic alert dog. The two of them are inseparable.

And Christian is the one who recently discovered the bump on LuLu's paw that ended up being cancer. Cancer treatment is expensive and the Halls have limited financial resources. Richmond, Virginia's Fetch-a-Cure stepped up to the plate and donated a large amount of money toward LuLu's cancer vaccines. Thank you, Fetch!! If you can spare just a few dollars for the Hall family's fundraiser for LuLu's ongoing cancer treatment, they would all be forever grateful. Here's the link with LuLu's story. 

If your dog is diagnosed with cancer, here are some of the resources available to you.

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