Monday, August 24, 2009

A New Day

I am a dog trainer. Starting today, I am a full-time dog trainer.

I am making final preparations this fine Monday morning for Lilly, a five-month-old Labrador Retriever - in training to be a diabetic alert dog. I will pick her up in NC today and bring her home for three weeks of board and train. Her family lives in SC. We are meeting in the middle.

My assistant trainers, Cody and Murphy, are starting to understand something new and different is about to happen. Cody is my 8-year-old yellow Lab. Murphy is my 4-year-old chocolate Lab. These two will help Lilly get what it means to be a dog ... a good dog. Lilly's trained behaviors will improve with consistency, redundancy, patience and the constant challenge of adult dogs who know the drill very well.

Follow this blog as I share what is sure to be an amazing experience with a wonderful pup. She is smart, full of spirit, and best of all, within a few weeks of finishing teething!

To the Boyds: Thank you for entrusting Lilly's training to me. To the Thorntons: t\Thank you for starting this pup so well. To the Stewarts: Thank you for breeding great Labs!

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