Monday, March 22, 2010

Why I love being a dog trainer!

I usually don't share client testimonials on my blog but decided to make an exception with this one. This is why I train dogs: happy endings. New beginnings.

Vegas, a handsome chocolate Lab, washed out of a service dog training program when he was a puppy because of a heart condition. You would never know he has a medical condition of any kind. He's a big, goofy, high-energy dog. And right there is why I love the breed. He also has above average intelligence. He learned his lessons quickly. Here's what his Mom has to say:
"Dee is a lifesaver! I seriously mean that. We were going to give our 1.5 year old Lab, Vegas, away because he was obnoxious, completely wild around our children and would not sit still for even one minute. In an act of desperation, I called Dee (who had been referred by a friend) to see if she could help. One week after Dee came I could see a lot of positive changes in his behavior. It was amazing! After four weeks with Dee (our training just ended) Vegas is now calm in the house, listens to commands and will even lay on the floor while I am working on the computer. Our lives are so much happier and less stressful since Vegas completed his training. It was truly a wonderful experience and Dee is fantastic to work with. I enjoyed every minute of our training sessions!" SB
If you or someone you know is considering getting rid of a dog, please enlist the help of a trainer. The great majority of behavior issues a dog may be exhibiting can be addressed with training and/or behavior modification. The age of the dog is not important. You can, in fact, teach an old dog new tricks.

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